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Carton Handling can provide a range of pallet wrappers from manual through semi-automatic to fully automatic. Our machines offer variable pre-stretch, which can cut your stretch film costs by up to 50% without compromising pallet security.
We even have one machine with an innovative pallet truck loading system that means you do not have to push the truck up a ramp; you can remove a fully loaded pallet on the level. This gives greater stability and a much safer working environment.

Our on-site support engineers have 25 years experience with most makes of pallet wrappers so even if you do not have one of our machines, give us a call as we may be able to help keep yours going.


All equipment now available for hire and leasing.
Call to discuss your requirements.
01722 421825


Semi-automatic pallet wrappers


Pallet wrapper from CHS Ltd

Pallet wrapper from CHS Ltd


Siat SW2

X400 power pre-stretch semi-automatic pallet stretch wrapper
Siat SW2 semi-automatic pallet wrapper









Note for search engines: Carton Handling Solutions Ltd are a systems integrator for complete end of line production lines. Encompassing all aspects of packing, processing and packaging. Starting at the end of high-risk and the beginning of the low risk areas of factories we incorporate conveyors and conveying systems to bring packed products to operators. Our recirculating conveyor replaces Lazy Susans, improves productivity and increases throughput. Carton erectors can be used to increase productivity. To seal boxes and cartons we can supply Soco or Siat case tapers, or many other brands of case sealers or hot-melt case gluers. Shrink wrappers are also available. Taped boxes can be labelled with print and apply barcode labellers or ink jet printed with large character ink jet carton coders. Labelled and taped cartons can be accumulated on flexy or flexible conveyor or can be conveyed and converged on fully automatic carton handling conveyors ready for manual or automatic palletising. Pallets can be shrink wrapped, stretch wrapped or stabilised with the Lock and Pop cold-melt glue system.

Consumables for all of the above equipment can be supplied, tape for boxes, barcode labels, thermal transfer ribbon, shrink wrap, and stretch wrap. For all major printers we can supply Domino ink, Video jet ink, Image ink, Alpha Dot ink and Linx ink.

We offer service contracts, spares and repairs on all makes of case tapers or carton tapers and pallet wrappers including Soco, Siat, and Endoline.



Power pre-stretch semi-automatic pallet stretch wrapper
Automatic pallet wrappers
automatic inline wrapper












Siat SW46 automatic pallet wrapper