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Complete Manual Pallet Labelling Solution for the Retail Supply Chain

Pallet labeller - click to enlargeHave you been told by the major retailers to start producing pallet labels and don't know where to start? You don't know your SSCC from your GTIN? Have you been told that Tesco TIMS produces a pallet label but don't know if you can use it? Then help is at hand as CHS have a solution for you.

If you are as big as Nestle then you can afford fully-automatic pallet labelling systems. If you are not quite as large as them yet, then you need to start with a smaller solution. The CHS manual pallet labelling system could be the answer to your problems. It has been designed for small and medium sized businesses to produce SSCC pallet labels for Tesco, Sainsbury or any of the major retailers simply, quickly and efficiently. It takes the pain out of producing industry-standard pallet labels that are acceptable to all the major retailers leaving you to get on with what you do best - making your products.

The system consists of a pallet label printer, labels, ribbons, cables and the Seagull Bartender label design software, everything you need straight out of the box to produce pallet labels. We have designed it to be simple and robust, with minimal amounts of operator-entered information thus reducing the opportunity to make mistakes. Compatible with all of the major retailers requirements it will produce pallet labels to industry standards and generate your SSCC numbers and barcodes for you automatically, so you do not need to know the difference between GTIN's and SSCC's.

Although the system is stand-alone and does not need costly integration into your EDI system, all of the label information is available either printed or electronically. As you grow you may wish to have your EDI supplier incorporate the SSCC numbers into your backoffice systems so that the information is automatically transmitted to the retailer. Even though it is stand-alone today it can be linked to your systems in the future as you grow.

What does it do for me?Bartender software  pallet label example

Produces GS1 standard SSCC pallet labels automatically.

Prints labels that comply with all the major retailers requirements.

It works with the Tesco TIMS system.

The simple operation minimises potential for your operator to make a mistake, labels are picked from a database of your products which keeps operator input to a minimum.

Adds human readable information to the pallet label to help your operator check that he has the right label for the right product.

Has automatic shelf-life calculation for accuracy but allows manual override to cope with delayed shipping or repacks.

CHS are a 'one-stop shop', we supply the labeller, software, labels and ribbons so you know it will all work together in your factory.

CHS 'hand-holding' service available. We know you are not labelling experts, that where we come in. We will guide you through each stage with simple explanations and help you to comply with the supermarkets wishes with minimal difficulties.

Why use CHS to solve my problems?

We have over 40 man-years experience of supplying barcode label solutions to U.K. manufacturers. If you need it, we’ve probably already done it. We have a wealth of experience of Tesco requirements and what you need to do to work with their TIMS web service to produce your pallet labels.

We work with Codeology who are a British manufacturer of coding and labelling solutions to the retail supply chain. Together we manufacture a range of outer-case labellers and ink jet printers for coding and marking anything from cardboard cartons up to plastic sacks, bags, concrete blocks and bricks.

Codeology have supplied label solutions to FMCG manufacturers, both big and small. Our customer base ranges from small producers with hand-applied labels right up to the major food producers with fully automatic machinery, including Cranswicks PLC, Kelly’s Ice Cream, Christian Salvesen, Kelloggs, Burtons Biscuits, Wrigleys and Northern Foods.

Their philosophy is to make everything as simple and reliable as possible. We even wrote our own simple-to-use software as other packages in the market we believed were too complicated for your operators to use easily and reliably.

We believe our customer service is one of the best in the industry and are confident any of our existing customers would be happy to confirm this. We are here to help you, if you need advice simply pick up the phone and call us. If we can, we will help over the phone free of charge. Contact us to today to discuss your needs or to arrange an on-site demonstration in your factory.